Step 1 : No more booze!

I can sit at home, drink beer, and watch DVDs ’til the cows come home; but it’s not very conducive to getting stuff done. So that’s it for me, no more booze.

To be honest I’ve been thinking this for a long time. I’ve got quite an addictive personality – I smoked cigarettes for nigh on 16 years (finally giving up completely on midnight Monday 23rd May 2005) and dope intermittently for a few years after that – so the only way I can take an extended break from stuff like that is with a blanket ban. I’ve got half a bottle of white in the fridge which I’ll finish off tonight (waste not want not) and then that’s me done.

I’m also thinking about positive changes as well (positive as in adding rather than subtracting). I think a bit of exercise every day would be a good idea. I already do Tai Chi, but if I’m honest I don’t practice as much as I should. Maybe twice a week if that (and one of those my weekly lesson). There’s a set of warm up exercises we do. If I could even do just them, or a bit of cycling, or even a short ‘constitutional’ once a day, I reckon it’d make a big difference.

Maybe I should do a short weekly report to keep track of things, days exercised, progress made, that sort of thing? Might motivate me a bit more to actually do stuff.


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