The Winter Wash Day blues

There’s something thoroughly depressing about launderettes. The drab paintwork, the manky smell, the miserable clientele, all bring you to one unavoidable conclusion; there’s better places to be. But when your flat goes moldy at the merest suggestion of trying to dry anything on your lone, decrepit oil radiator what choice do you have? Actually, I have a yard, and during the summer months it’s a joyous thing to be able to hang your clothes out on the washing line and have them dry au naturelle (well, maybe ‘joyous’ is overstating it a bit, but you get my drift). In the winter months however it’s laundry bags, pockets full of 20p’s, and an hour long round trip to the high street. I hate the winter.

Actually I don’t. I quite like the winter. I mean I like roaring fires, snow, wrapping up warm, long nights in the pub, and of course Christmas, but my situation as it is means I have to go out there in the freezing cold at all hours of the day and night, and that I don’t like. My job in TV means I do shift work, sometimes all night, so for days I quite literally never see the sun. Maybe the odd glimpse here and there, but not enough to get my daily does of Vitamin D (essential if you want to maintain a sunny disposition – pun intended, but also true). Just one of the many reasons I want to quit my job, but not the only one. The thing is they pay so damn well, and I like getting paid. It makes the whole living thing a hell of a lot easier.

So, the crux of this whole ‘life changing’ fiasco is how to make money, and enough money to live on. I could of course become so stinking rich that I never want for anything ever again, though I think a better (and easier) option is to get my wants and needs down to a more manageable level. Actually, when you think about it, it all comes down to just two things; food and shelter. As long as you’ve got those things covered the rest is just gravy. Something to ponder.

A few basic facts just to get us started; I’m a northerner, I’m vegan, I love watching movies and am quite into writing scripts (which means I’ve got half a dozen beginnings but not many endings) – I’m great at starting stuff and never finishing (I like to think of myself as an Ideas Man) – and I’m not a big risk taker. That said, I’m here to challenge myself, so who knows what’ll happen.

Ok, mini Report time.

Exercise: Warm-ups (1) Form (1)

Created: Some photography

Not very much I know, but it has only been a day. There’ll be more in next Sunday’s report (I hope).


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