Structure, and something new

So I’ve been thinking…

This blog thing needs some kind of structure. I don’t want it to be just a load of ramblings. It needs a framework, or a timescale, something to keep it moving along and keep it interesting (if you know the whole Julie & Julia thing you’ll know what I mean). So for starters I’m going to stick with the weekly report. Maybe not in the format I did yesterday, but at least a summation of what I’ve accomplished that week, so I know where I’m at. And for the moment I’m going to set myself 2 tasks;

1. To do something new every week (of a reasonable standard, not just take 2 sugars in my tea instead of 1)

2. To create a new recipe every week (did I mention I’m quite into my cooking)

So there it is, my first two weekly tasks. I may add or subtract as I go along, I don’t know yet. Or I may abandon the idea in favour of a 1 year mission starting January 1st. You never know. Could even be a bit of both.

ps. Today I’ve emulated this garlic and cucumber dish I had in Hong Kong recently (did I mention I was in Hong Kong the other week learning some Tai Chi – not something I usually do, let me assure you, and probably part of the reason I want to do more with myself now), and I’ve decided this is going to be a week of Tai Chi (practicing what I learnt in Hong Kong). Let’s see how it goes.


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