What to do, what to do

Just a quick missive. I’m at my parents’ place and all they’ve got is dial-up (Can you believe it? In this day and age!), and it’s so unbelievably slow if I don’t get off here soon I’m going to go mental. I hate waiting.

Figured out what my new thing will be this week. I’m going to travel first class. Ok, so it’ll be first class on a train (and a Virgin train at that) but still it’ll be first class; and I’ve never travelled first class before. I’ve pee’d out of a first class compartment window many years ago – which was no mean feat let me tell you, as it was one of those wee narrow slots at the top and I had to climb up and wedge myself against the ceiling and the top of the chair and the window frame to get ‘myself’ outside, and yes it was incredibly undignified out me, and really quite bizarre (and thank God no one came along to see me), but in my defence I was absolutely busting, all the toilets were occupied, and it was either that, in the carriage, or the emergency cord – but I’ve never sat there for the entire journey and lorded it up with the rest of the upper classes (in my head I’m travelling on a steam train in an Arthur Conan Doyle novel).

That’ll be on Saturday, so I’ve got to see what else I can amuse myself with between now and then. I’m going into town tomorrow to get the last of my Christmas shopping, so we’ll see what I can come up with.

Also, I have an idea for January. No details just yet, need to play this one quite close to my chest for the moment, but it’s something I’ve had a bit of success with before. Stay tuned.

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