You’ve got to amuse yourself…

Today was a bit dry. Had a few hours in the morning to do some shopping, post a Christmas card to my brother, and pick up some shirts from the cleaners and then I had to go to work. Was nearly midnight before I got back. Doesn’t leave me much time to change my life. So, just for laughs, I did this.

Click on the pic if you want to know How To Float a Pin.

Like I say, you’ve got amuse yourself somehow. I still did some Chi Kung today, and I haven’t had a drink yet this week, so the experiment’s still on track so far. Off up to Carlisle tomorrow for an early family Christmas, so I’ll have to find my ‘something new’ to do up there. It’s going to be difficult. I was up there in August for my twin brother’s wedding, and just to amuse myself then I went to the Turkish Baths (an experience which set my ‘gaydar’ off something rotten), got shaved by another man (not at the same time I hasten to add!), travelled the Settle line, and went to Go Ape (which is all zip lines and cargo nets), so what else I can do is up there I don’t know. Guess I’ll find out.

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