Gluten free – first day failure (but another new thing)

I’ve tripped up on my first day of gluten free. Did ok with a scrambled tofu and fried mushrooms breakfast (with a dollop of delicious Wilkin & Sons brown sauce on the side), but when I ate out yesterday with my friend Sarah at this noodle bar in Ealing, I, without thinking, had a dollop of her noodles in exchange for a bit of rice and spicy aubergine.

That said though it was just a dollop, and since I drank wine all night instead of wheaty beer, I’ve woken up this morning not feeling all tired and bloaty as usual. Could also be to do with going to bed at a reasonable time (11:30pm. I was knackered!) and not eating a massive meal an hour before, like I did all weekend (one of the drawbacks of shift work, it really throws off your rhythm), so I can’t assign it all down to going wheat free, but it is reason enough to keep going with the experiment. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have more conclusive results.

And even though I’ve tripped up with my new thing already this week, I have been to my first ever wine bar, so that’s something else to add to the list. 🙂