Week 24: In which our hero doesn’t feel very heroic

I wish I could say I’ve done a lot this week… but I haven’t (which is ironic, as I’ve had the week off work). Actually I’m torn: On the one hand I regret the missed opportunity 7 days off gave me; but on the other hand I view achieving nothing as an achievement in and of itself.

xmas at tunch's

I mean I did stuff this week – got my tooth filled, cycled a bit, met up with my army buddy who’s on leave for a few weeks, saw a movie (The Losers), read some books (some PG Wodehouse and a Parker novel), downloaded some tunes (too many to mention, but an album of Laura Marling), went to the osteopath (an absolute revelation, let me tell you!), plus a number of other random events – but nothing really creative.

I failed miserably in my attempt to avoid nightshades. I last about a day. Tuesday all I wanted was chips, and the soporific effect that went with them, and by God that’s what I got! I don’t regret it, it was what it was. I guess now’s just not the right time for me to give them up. Later, maybe.

I did at least do a nightshade free recipe, as a sort of act of contrition. I was going to do another one, a vegan risotto, but every recipe I researched online said you needed to use white wine, and what with my not drinking I couldn’t get my head around that, so I shelved it for another time.

So anyway, I’ve had my week off. I feel rested, refreshed, and now it’s back to work. Stay tuned.

ps: The picture’s got nothing to do with anything, unless you count equating Christmas with laziness… which I do. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 24: In which our hero doesn’t feel very heroic

  1. you are adorable. sometimes it is good for the body/brain to be lazy for a bit, just don’t do it all the time. (:

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