Week 28: In which our hero finds religion

Ok, did a couple of new things this week. First up was to go see Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

kellie and priscilla

It was a good show, and obviously it was very very camp, but it did have one or two problems. We were sat near the back of the dress circle, and whoever worked out the stage direction for the show did so without these seats in mind. Because of the slant of the circle above we couldn’t see the top third of the stage (above the bus, if you will) so any time there was stuff going on up high – singers on wires mostly, or people on top of the bus – we couldn’t enjoy it as much as we’d have liked. Thankfully the seats in front of us was empty so we slid down to get a better view, but I feel sorry for the rows behind us who were stuck and probably a bit pissed off.

Also at times the show went from camp to just plain loud. You couldn’t make out what they were saying, or singing, and it was just a little painful. Not as painful as some of the outfits worn by the audience though, yikes! Not so much mutton dressed as lamb as mutton dressed as an old kebab that’s been under the sofa for 2 weeks.

But enough with the bitchiness. It was a good show, and I enjoyed it, but if you’re tempted get decent seats in the stalls (or near the front of the balconies), or go see Legally Blonde instead, it’s a much better show.

New thing number 2 was I found religion. Not under the sofa where things usually end up, but at the Universal Life Church, Hallelujah, praise Jebus, can I get an Amen!

Ok, so it’s not very original, getting yourself ordained online. I mean what am I, a character in an American sit-com? But it was late, I was bored, and it seemed like a laugh, so I did it. If you don’t believe me here’s my certificate or ordination:

I can now legally perform weddings in some parts of the United States, though here in the UK it’s practically worthless, hahaha. I can officiate at civil ceremonies though, you don’t need any special permission to do that, but you’d still have to go and sign the papers with a registrar to make it all legal.

It did however give me the idea of starting my own religion! The Church of the Brand New. There’s no God(s) involved, acolytes would simply swear to uphold the universal belief in the Joy of the New, to never say no before considering saying yes, and to always seek out the new and embrace it as much and as often as possible.

If anyone’s interested in joining up simply place your hand on the computer and repeat after me:

“I swear to do that which is new,
to stay true to the new in everything I do,
to pursue it through and through,
wheree’er it doth lead to
doobie doobie do

Now go forth, and enjoy yourself. Amen. πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Week 28: In which our hero finds religion

    • ..haha.. I was kinda running out of rhymes at that point. ;o)

      I like to imagine a church service where they recite the prayer.

      Vicar – “Doobie doobie do,”
      Congregation – “Woo hoo.”


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