Week 29: In which our hero learns to thrive

Very late with my entry this week. Excuses are for fools, so I won’t bother. I’m just damned disorganised at the moment.


My new thing this week is something called Thrive in 30, by a chap called Brendan Brazier. He’s a vegan triathlete, and Thrive in 30 is the culmination of his research into exercise, training, plant based nutrition, and everything that entails. You sign up, and then every few days (for 30 days, hence the name) you get an e-mail. Each one is about something different. Could be advice on the best foods to eat, and why. Could be busting a myth about being vegan. Could be about stress and diet, and their connections to weight loss. The important thing is each one is easy to understand, quick to learn, and beautifully presented in little bite sized chunks (along with a short video). You can’t help but take it in.

day 28 - field of beans

Now I’ve only been doing it for about a week, so am only on lesson 3, but already I’m on the green stuff, I’m getting a blender tomorrow, and I’ve ordered his Thrive Diet off Amazon, that’s how impressed I’ve been with what this guy has to say. My friends, I heartily recommend you give it a go. All it is is a dozen or so e-mails, and by the end of it you’ll be a little better informed if nothing else. 🙂

souper douper

I have to admit, no great changes for me physically yet. But it’s only been a week and, as well as all the good stuff, I’ve still been eating a lot of crap too. The joys of work and not being organised enough to get to the shop. But after tomorrow watch out! Veggies, here I come! ..hahaha..

Expect a more detailed analysis in 23 days time.

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