District 13

Known in it’s original French as Banlieue 13, and not to be confused with alien movie District 9, District 13 is one of the most amazing films you will ever see. Not because of it’s storyline, characters, performances, or anything like that (which are actually a little on the silly side), but because it showcases superbly a little something called ‘parkour‘.

In England we know it more as ‘free running’ (though to the purist there’s actually a big difference between the two), and if you’ve seen it before it was probably on an ad for the BBC. This film also stars the star of that ad, and coincidentally the French guy who basically invented parkour, David Belle.

For those of you who’ve never heard of it parkour involves running through an urban landscape, getting from A to B in the most efficient way possible, be that through tiny gaps, across rooftops, from wall to wall, or whatever. Seeing it done professionally is jaw-dropping, and District 13 has some of the most jaw-dropping scenes I’ve seen. There’s no wires, no special effects, everything on screen these guys did, and that is sometimes unbelievable.

Want to see what I mean? Just check out the opening sequence.

Now how about that?! Amazing huh? If you want more go check out the film. It really is astounding. But if you just want to see a bit more free running check these guys out.

Nice to know someone’s keeping the British end up, eh? 😉

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