Flash Gordon/Highlander

A two for one deal for you this week. But why I hear you ask? Whatever could link these two 80s classics? Why their killer soundtracks by the unbeatable Queen, that’s what!

Both Flash Gordon and Highlander have their good and bad points – cheesy effects, brilliant one-liners (see clips below), some incredibly risible performances – but that’s all part of the fun. Neither film should be taken seriously. They’re Friday night popcorn at it’s best, and must be viewed as such.

Flash Gordon – Spaceships, mad scientists, pastel coloured midgets, ex-Blue Peter presenters, this film has it all! It’s silly in the extreme, but who cares, because it’s fun too. And it gave us one of the bestest baddies ever in the shape of Ming The Merciless, hammed up beautifully by Max Von Sydow. You can’t argue with that. And the role (and line) for which Brian Blessed would be forever remembered for, Vultan (“Ah well. Who wants to live for ever? ..hahahaha… DIVE!!!”). Brilliant!

Highlander – Who wants to live forever indeed? The eternal question (pun intended). Like Flash Gordon, so much of Highlander has found it’s way forever into the collective psyche. I mean who hasn’t thought how cool it would be to find out your were immortal! Less cool would be finding out there’s a bunch of people going round who want to chop your head off, but whatcha gonna do? This film has some truly bizarre moments, like having a Scotsman (Sean Connery) play a Spaniard whilst a Frenchman (Christopher Lambert) plays a Scotsman – both with dodgy accents respectively – but you can forgive all that for the joy of the pure idiocy of it all.

Both these films are brilliant and daft in equal measure, but what elevates them above the usual fare is their brilliant soundtracks by Queen.

To me, Queen were the masters of the movie soundtrack. They wrote their songs to enhance the movies, not just sell singles, producing pop scores really, not just a few nice tunes. Their music blends perfectly with what’s on screen, whilst at the same time standing out as a cut above the rest. I know that’s a bit of a contradiction, but you’ll just have to trust me on this. These guys knew what they were doing.

Who wants to live forever?

Flash! Ah ah…..

I couldn’t decide which film had the best soundtrack, that’s why I’ve recommended them both. And really you should watch them both, for the cheese-fest that they are. Neither will disappoint, and their soundtracks certainly won’t, I guarantee it!


2 thoughts on “Flash Gordon/Highlander

  1. Hey,

    I LOVE FLASH GORDON hahahha. 🙂 LOVE IT! When i was little i used to put my hand into holes in rocks and test myself at becoming a man.. hahahha! guess im a man as i never got my wrist stung by anything down there. 😛

    I love the line – if i can remember it. “Flash we only have 10 minutes to save the Earth” hahhaha ooh i want to watch it again! x actually there are countless quotes i love from this film!

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