Week 33: A search for meaning

Been kind of a bitty week this week. My shifts in work changed, which was good as it gave me the weekend off, but then I was cat sitting away from home at the weekend, which limited my ability to do new stuff (like writing, etc.). Plus I’ve got no money, again, which also puts a bit of a dampener on things. I failed to come up with a new recipe, but I did manage to do something new – go to an open air cinema – but still I’d like to have done more.

I have however had much time to think, and think I have. I’m not sure this blog is achieving what I set out to do in the beginning. Namely, a Brand New Life. I’m still single, still in the same old job, still in the same old flat; nothing’s changed. I’m doing more things, but not making many new contacts. I’ve been so caught up in ‘stunt blogging’ I’ve forgotten the point of it all.

So I’m going to let myself off the hook (kind of). No more weekly reports. I’m not even sure if many people are reading them, so what’s the point? I’m still going to blog new things I get up to, but they’ll be on an as-and-when basis, not every week. I’m going to concentrate on making big things happen, not just lots of little things. If I want to make big changes in my life I need some big ideas.

That being said, here’s my ‘report’ on going to an open air cinema for the first time.

outdoor cinema

It was at Syon House, which is the same place where the London Tropical Zoo is that I’m doing the fundraising for. I had the pleasure of being joined in this escapade by the very lovely Sarah, and the film we saw (along with a large group of middle aged women!) was Dirty Dancing.

hey johnny

Now I’ve already blogged the film itself, so I’ll just mention here a few things about the experience. Being outdoors to see a film is great. Just lazing about on a blanket, having a wee picnic, was great fun. We had to wait for the sun to go down before the film started (of course), and once it did it got a little chilly. It was at that point I stated to wish I’d wrapped up a bit warmer.

I did at least bring an umbrella, which came in very handy about 15 minutes before the end, when it started chucking it down. Thankfully though the rain didn’t last long (and the cinema people very kindly gave us all free pac-a-macs to keep us dry) and we got to see the end uninterrupted.

nobody puts baby in the corner

I can recommend seeing a film outdoors if you get a chance. If you live in London there’s plenty of opportunities coming up. Just remember to wrap up warm, take a blanket, take some food, and take a brolly. Those are my survival tips. šŸ™‚

cabbage and carrot summer salad

Also, I’d like to mention the conclusion of my Thrive in 30 experiment. It was an interesting thing to do, and I’d suggest you give it a try if you’re at all veggie/vegan, thinking about going veggie, have in interest in nutrition, or just want to get an idea about how what we eat effects us in out daily lives.

I must admit, I haven’t been able to put all his lessons into practice yet (mind you, a lot of them I was doing already), but I have learnt a great deal, I have taken a lot of information on board, and I’ll be incorporating more and more of his ideas as I go along. And the great thing is I can revisit each lesson as and when I like, so I’ll never stop learning.

Sign up now and see for yourself. It’s a win win scenario, believe me.


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