Feeding time! (‘tache watch part 3)

My word, what a day! The lovely people at The London Tropical Zoo invited me over to do some photos for their Facebook page, and I got to go in the cages and feed a whole load of the animals. How cool is that! Check this out…

I got to meet Rolo the Bolivian Squirrel Monkey,
kiki and the squirrel monkey

Aztec and Inca the Marmoset,
the marmoset

Klaus the Boa Constrictor,
what an experience!

and Ringo the Lemur!
so cool!

What a great day! šŸ™‚

The squirrel monkey was hard to pin down, hence the slightly blurry photo. He just kept leaping about all over the place.

Didn’t get any pics of the marmosets on me as they were quite happy just chillin’ on their branch. Suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at that, as the only pics I got of them last time were of them sleeping, pretty much.

Klaus was brilliant. So very heavy, and incredibly strong with it. You could feel the potential power when he wrapped around your arm. I can imagine what it would be like to tackle one of the big constrictors. But holding on to this guy really confirmed for me what I suspected already, that I love snakes! That being said, I think I’ve got a thing for lemurs as well.

Ringo was so cute, and so very friendly. By the end of the session he was just chilling on my shoulder, which is why we got so many great shots. And his fur was so soft too. You can see why they sleep all cuddled up together. It must be well cosy. Also, check out some of the other pics to see his feet and that in detail. Lemurs are such amazing and unique creatures, all thanks to their isolated Madagascan evolution.

My thanks to Maz, Jordan and Zac at the London Tropical Zoo for making it all happen, and hopefully the photos will generate a bit more sponsorship.

Don’t forget there’s still time to sponsor me and possibly win some cookies or even a cake! And to give the Facebookers of you out there a chance at the goodies I’ve decided to extend the moustache wearing for another week or two. It means a bit more scratchy itchiness for me, but if it means the London Tropical Zoo can make a bit more dosh out of the whole thing then it’ll be worth it!


3 thoughts on “Feeding time! (‘tache watch part 3)

  1. This’ll make you laugh. When I called my mum and told her what I’d been up to, the conversation went something like this…

    Me: “Guess what I did yesterday?”
    Mum: “I don’t know. What?”
    Me: “I fed a monkey.”
    Mum: “You what?”
    Me: “I fed a monkey!”
    Mum: “What does that mean?!?”

    Obviously my mum thought ‘feeding your monkey’ was slang for something. ..haha.. Brilliant! šŸ™‚

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