30 Days of Kiki : day 3

day 3- a picture of you and your friends

Finding a pic of me and my friends was a toughie, as I’m usually taking the pictures not in them, but eventually I settled on this one starring some of me longest serving amigos.

the whole gang

Left to right we have Tunch, Sabera, Tuna, then there’s me with a bit of a Christmas belly on the right (thanks to the lovely nut roast you can see in the foreground, the recipe of which you can find on this very site!). 🙂

It was a lovely meal, a lovely Christmas, and they’re a lovely bunch of people. We always have a laugh when we’re together, and what more can you ask of your friends? Nothing, that’s what. Cheers y’awl. Lookin’ good. 😉


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