30 Days of Kiki : day 6

day 6- favorite super hero and why

This was a tough one. Should I go for heroes with powers, or very human heroes with skills? Is a costume required, or does just being in a comic book qualify you as a ‘hero’? In the end though, there could be only one…


photo by surprise truck

John Constantine, the original Hellblazer!

Sod the candy-assed Keanu Reeves excrescence that Hollywood foisted on us, the Constantine of the comic books is a beer-drinking, fag-smoking, ass-kicking scouser, who got into magic for giggles and shits (and the chicks), and who spends most his time getting into and out of trouble and pissing off the devil (all 3 of them).


I like him coz he doesn’t fuck around, especially if you go against him or hurt anyone close to him, and coz he fucks up all the time, like a normal human being, and that’s just the way it is.

constantine 2

At the end of the day who would you rather have a beer with, some bloke in red spandex underpants who’s not even from this planet, or a guy who’s gonna get the next round in and wouldn’t look daft with a pool cue in his hand? Pretty obvious really when you put it like that, eh?

Nice one JC, the first one’s on me.


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