30 Days of Kiki : day 12

day 12- how you found out about blogging and why you do one

I already knew about blogging before I started one, not having lived in a cave for the past century, but what made me think it’d be a good way to get things moving was the movie Julie & Julia. I caught it on a flight to Hong Kong last year (12 hours, I had to watch something) and it seemed like a good idea. I even read the book when I got back, and that was interesting too, so one night when I had nothing to do and nothing going on I went for it.

Unfortunately, as well as being the catalyst, I also think it was the reason I got caught up in trying to do some kind of stunt blog. Hence the reason that in eight months my blog hasn’t yielded any tangible results in the direction it was meant to. But hopefully I’ve dealt with that now and we can move on to more interesting times.


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