30 Days of Kiki : day 17

day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Crikey, that’s a tough one! Let me see…

Man, I just can’t decide. My options range from the straight forward – whoever’s dating Natalie Portman at the moment, for obvious reasons – to the mystical – the Buddha, so I could see what being enlightened is like – to the sublime – anyone who spends their day lying in a hammock on a sun drenched beach sipping pina coladas before making their way down to the pier for a late dinner and wine by candlelight with the love of their life.

But in the end I’m gonna have to go for Johnny Depp! I mean let’s face it, looks, integrity, a swanky pad in Paris, and Vanessa Paradis. Talk about the whole package!


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