Week 40

Hello Peops.

Been a while. Well, probably not, but it feels like it anyway. Had a short break from t’internet after the 30 Days thing and the moustache thing. Just needed a bit of time off. Plus was doing 2 weeks of night shifts so my brain no function too good either.

Got a week off work next week. Gonna spend some time teaching, and some time looking at cars, but mostly I want to get on with the new writing project I’ve been working on, so I’ve decided to take a short online hiatus (like I did earlier in the year).

So, no e-mail, no Flickr, no blogging, no games. I’ll still be using the computer (not planning on writing long hand y’know, I’m not a Luddite!), and watching the odd DVD (after work), but outside of that I’ll be somewhat incommunicado.

So catch you next week. For now let me just point you at this clip from the Big Bang Theory (no embeds allowed, boo!) for all you vegans out there who can take a joke.

Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself… šŸ˜‰


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