Mocktails and Cheesecake

Went round to my friend Amanda’s last night. Haven’t seen her in ages. We planned it last week but it turned out to be a wee celebration of her being all babbied up, which is great news. She’ll make a great mum.

cheesecake and pina colada mocktail

Not only is she tolerant of my veganism but she actually makes an effort to find and cook vegan meals for me, which is really special, plus which she seems to derive great amusement from it too. As she said last night, “You go to the supermarket, buy all this stuff, and you end up with a massive load of shopping for a tenner!” Amen sister. Eating vegan is pretty cost effective stuff.

We had a kind of veggie tagine, made in her authentic Moroccan tagine maker thingy, with cous cous, and since she made the main I brung dessert.

I made a lemon tofu cheesecake from a recipe I found online. It came out a lot flatter than I was expecting. Tasted great (more almondy than lemony though) but I think next time I’ll do double the mixture. Sometimes you need a bit of depth.

And what with her being pregnant and me not drinking I found a recipe for Pina Colada mocktails which was pretty nice too. As you can see from the picture, pudding went down a treat, so much so we had to have seconds. An excellent accompaniment to a brilliant meal. Thanks Twink.


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