Tide Tables Cafe

Not one for doing restaurant reviews on here normally, but I was so chuffed with finding this place that I had to give them a bit of a write up.

tide tables cafe

It’s the Tide Tables Cafe in Richmond. We went in there just for a cuppa after walking along the river, but when I spotted the “vegan menu” board up on the wall we had to have something!

I opted for the Winter Warmer Soup, while Sarah went for the Baked Potato with Veggie Chilli (I was very tempted by that too, but I always end up having a baked potato when I’m out and about most places, so I thought I’d go for something different this time). Have to say they were both really nice, especially after such a long walk. Really filled us up and gave us a nice glow inside.

Will definitely be heading back there again. It’s a really nice little place to eat (in one of the arches underneath the bridge) and they have a great selection of stuff to try. Reckon it’ll be a while before I get bored of going in there.

*Read this updated report as well!*


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