Week 43

Well, it’s been a busy week. As you can tell from previous posts I’ve been experimenting with cheesecakes and mocktails (I just pulled a double quantity cheesecake out of the oven and it smells and looks fantastic), making new discoveries on the vegan cafe front, ‘writing’ porny poetry from found words, and trying to change the world $25 at a time. And all that with only 3 days off. It’s been ‘a good un’.

The only thing missing from last week was my trip to the Yoga Show on Sunday. I’ve been on the look out for something to do other than Tai Chi and yoga seems like a good idea. It’ll build on the skills I’ve got, and the two of them should compliment each other nicely. My friend Sabera managed to wangle some free tickets so I went along to see what was on offer.

yoga show haul

It was well busy, and well smelly too. Dunno what the obsession with Frankincense is these days but ‘pee-ew!’ gimme a break. I went to a couple of talks – one about meditation that didn’t quite float my boat, and one about ayurvedic cooking which was quite interesting – and I did one introductory session of yoga which I’m still aching from a bit (and it was just half an hour!). I have to say I liked it, and I’ve got a couple of leads on classes to check out, so things are looking good.

But best of all was the shopping. So much stuff to buy, and so cheap too. As you can see from the pic I got some nice teas, some very nice biscuits, 250g of maca powder for £6 which is a real bargain, a daylight simulation lightbulb to help deal with SADS, and my first ever statue of The Buddha which I couldn’t resist coz of his cheeky little grin. Honestly, I was spent up by the end of it, which is a real shame as there was loads of other stuff I wanted to buy, especially this bamboo t-shirt which I might just have to track down.

So I’m going to check out this yoga studio in Putney next weekend, then hopefully I can start some regular practice. I’ve put on hold the Thrive Diet experiment for another week or so. Just not in the mood right now, plus loads of stuff to eat first, otherwise it’ll go off, so next week maybe. There’s no rush.


5 thoughts on “Week 43

  1. My daylight simulation bulb just frizzled out on me after just 3 days. At £7:50 (half price!) that’s pretty unimpressive. I’ve e-mailed them about a replacement. Let’s see what happens shall we.

  2. i think thrive will have to wait until after the holidays, he only has one dessert recipe and that is just not enough for this time of year! (:

  3. One dessert! Yikes. No way I can do that right now. Just made a double depth tofu cheesecake (pics to follow) and it’s well yummy. Can’t give that up, especially during winter.

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