Share and share alike

Sometimes the world is so full of interesting stuff you just want to put it in a bag and run around showing it to everyone. In lieu of that, look at this…

This is well funny. Those of you who live in London will have a good chuckle at this superb summing up of a certain type of ‘yoof’. For those of you not in London please consider this a public service announcement. Enjoy.

“…we all play synth!” (duh-duh-duh-durr-durr) …hahahaha… 😆

Next we have something you don’t see every day, a talk show host speaking from the heart. This’ll give you something to think about.

And finally, a bit of beautifully crafted fun that I think is just brilliant.

Hope you liked ’em. This is what I do all day, lol. 😉


2 thoughts on “Share and share alike

  1. Hello Keith
    Just watched the craig ferguson piece, well, didn’t know he could be so deep. he reached that point in life when you have a good hard look at yourself. And realised that you have to keep doing that, time after time. It doesn’t stop. But once you start, life becomes so much more, and you realise that the only limit is yourself.

    • Indeed. Some wise words from Mr Ferguson there. I especially liked the phrase “I’ve been a little off recently.” Sums up how I’ve been feeling recently quite nicely. Time to make a course correction. 🙂

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