One down, More to go

Last Sunday was one year of My Brand New Life, and whilst it hasn’t done what I’d hoped it would do, it has done a lot of other things along the way.

It’s gotten me to 3 musicals, 1 comedy show, 1 anti-folk gig, and an outdoor screening of Dirty Dancing. I’ve come up with a whole bunch of my own recipes I didn’t have before, and I’m on the verge of launching my own food based blog. I grew a moustache and in the process raised over £400 for charity (and got to hold a snake!). I’ve started writing a new novel, and almost finished writing an old script. I became an ordained internet priest, I gave up booze, I had a go in a floatation tank, I’ve started yoga, and pretty soon I’m gonna buy a car. And that’s just the stuff I can remember.

It’s been a learning experience that’s for sure. I’m a little wiser about what I want to do in life, a little smarter about how to do it, a little more handsome, a lot fitter (I can almost touch my toes!), and just generally happier with the way in which things are going. Looking forward to year two and the wealth of new experiences that should bring.

Thanks for sharing these experiences with me, and thanks for all the comments and support, I really appreciate it. Stick around for further developments won’t you. Should be fun.

Om Shanti, y’awl!

so cool!


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