No More Spuds For Me (for now)

That’s right, I’m laying off the mighty potato for a while. Why? Because for the past month or so I’ve been eating loads of chips and mash at every meal; big, heavy, winter comfort foods that are very filling but which are not the most nutritious thing to be having all the time.

my old chip pan

The result of all this is my ‘digestion’ has been a little haphazard lately, plus I’ve ended up a wee bit anemic because of the lack of variety, and iron. For iron you need greens, beans, veg, lentils and tofu. There is iron in potatoes, but it’s mostly in the skin. Also, there’s something in potatoes, and spinach, that actually binds with the iron in your food and makes it difficult for you body to absorb it. I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s worth bearing in mind. If I find out I’ll add a comment later.

So, for the month of February I’m going potato free. I guess it’ll mean lots of curries, a bit of pasta, some stir fries, plus whatever else hot I can come up with. Can’t quite contemplate salads yet, what with this cold snap we’re having. Should be the perfect opportunity to try a few new ideas, plus dig out the old cook books and see what treasure they contain. Keep an eye out for upcoming results.

Also, there’s something else I’m going to try and do for the month of February, but I can’t tell you about that until after. It’s a secret. 😉


2 thoughts on “No More Spuds For Me (for now)

  1. Trying to find the info I had before and I’m getting some contradictory results.

    Spinach contains oxalic acid, which binds with iron and inhibits iron absorption. But the same site that told me that said that potato actually enhances iron absorption, so I dunno what’s going on now.

    I know spuds are part of the nightshade family of plants, and that green ones and their sprouts (ie: the ‘eyes’) are a bit toxic and should be avoided, but as for the iron absorption thing, I still think it’s true, I just can’t prove it right now.

    • Ok, so it seems that spuds are good for iron… but! It’s the skin that has all the nutrients in (five times the iron of the whole rest of the potato) so having them mashed or chipped as I was doing was not the way to go about it. Right, mystery solved. Phew!

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