Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me…

Ok, a wee bit early with this one, as it’s not really my birthday ’til tomorrow, but I just got back from my birthday treat and I wanted to blog about it. So…

I was up the west end to see a show. First we went for some food at what used to be Vita Organic, but is now Vitao (apparently). Unfortunately the change of name also came with a change of idea that is not an improvement. The food is still decent enough, but no more the 2 scoop/ 3 scoop/ 4 scoop plates, no more the graded pricing system, in fact no more the ceramic kitchenware and metal forks either, it’s now just another buffet joint. £8:90 all you can eat (in an hour!). Well that’s all well and good, but how much do you expect me to cram down my neck to get my money’s worth? There’s cheaper buffets out there y’know! And don’t get me started on the £4:60 smoothie, or the £3:00 wafer thin slice of heavy carrot cake. Oh Vita Organic, what did you do? Ah well…

The show we went to see was Stomp, the one show I always though I’d go and see when I first came to London but somehow never did. I have to say I really enjoyed it! There was a lot of what you’d expect – brooms, banging on bins, hitting big drums – but also quite a bit of subtler, more nuanced moments – with lighters, paper bags, claps, etc. – and even some audience participation which was fun. And it was funny too. The whole show is full of mini gags that give you a good chuckle in between being amazed by the players performances. I have to say, if you’re looking for something to check out, it’s well worth going to see. You won’t be disappointed.

So that was my birthday night out. I’m going down the pub tomorrow night with some friends, but this was the ‘event’ for this year. I ain’t doing nuffink strenuous tomorrow. Giving myself a day off. Maybe a bit of baking. I have an ambitious plan to commemorate the start of my 37th year in cake. Actually, that already sounds more impressive than it is, lol. It’s just a little something I’ve been wanting to try. Check back tomorrow to see what I’m on about.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me…

  1. oh yay! it’s kiki’s birthday!! thank goodness you were born because honestly…you are pretty darn cool. i hope your day is awesome and i will be thinking about you, heck i might even eat some cake for you too! (:

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