Cough and Drop

There’s nothing highlights your singledom like being ill. As you lie there coughing and sneezing you realise there’s no one there to help you out, provide sympathy, pop to the shops for more lemon and ginger. It’s just you, the TV, and a big pile of snotty tissues.

Couldn’t sleep at all last night. I was so unbelievably hot. Yet every time I moved I got cold chills. A bit better today but not 100%. Not sure if I’m going to go to work tomorrow. Guess I’ll just see how I feel in the morning.

What really annoys me the most is the stuff I’d planned to do. Go to the cinema, go to the park, type up my script re-writes. Can’t do any of those because I’m stuck indoors, and staring at a computer screen hurts my eyes. And I feel too crappy to do any yoga today, which ends my do-some-every-day-since-the-start-of-November streak. Then again there’s no point punishing yourself to keep a streak going. It’s just yoga after all.

But it’s the not having anyone there thing that really stands out. It’s bad enough always having to find people to go to gigs with, but this is when being single really sucks. I need to do something about that (once I’m feeling better that is).


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