Comfort Food

Man, it’s been one of those days. Not only did I have to get up before 6am to go do 12 hours at a job I see no value in, but I had to put up with the useless bitching and moaning of my ‘colleagues’ who desperately wanted to drag me into their pathetic little bit of office politics and then got all snide when I wouldn’t participate. Honestly, I don’t know how I made it through the day! What a bunch of monkeys.

About the only thing that saw me through was my dream of pie and chips when I got home. Check this little plate of happiness out.

comfort food

The chips are, of course, home made; and the pie is one of Clive’s Aloo Gobi pies. Man, I can’t say enough about Clive’s Pies, they are the nuts! It’s hard to explain the English love of a good pie, especially a northerner like me, but whereas I’ve gotten over turkey and found a good substitute for bacon, it’s the joy of a good pie that I have missed most in my veganism. Well trust me now when I say that I am once more sated, thanks to a man named Clive (and there’s a sentence I never thought I’d ever say).

As for work, I’m gonna forget about it for the weekend. Gonna go see True Grit, hang out with some friends, probably make some pancakes as I’m working next Tuesday, and maybe come up with a good name for this bakery I keep thinking about. Not sure whether to go the cool route or opt for a good pun. Kiki’s Kitchen, Karma Cakes, Cup & Cake Bakery, Buns on Seats, Cake and Bend (with yoga studio attached), the possibilities are endless.


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