Tide Tables 2, the sad return.

Where to begin???

Some of you may remember my previously glowing report on the Tide Tables Cafe in Richmond. I spoke highly of the food and encouraged people to go there to check out their vegan fare. And so it was with great enthusiasm that I went there to check out their new menu for 2011.

I knew what I wanted to try. I had received and e-mail from them just 2 days ago in which they made mention of their …new veggie cottage pie with fluffy mashed potato topping; big enough for two to share and suitable for vegans. Sounds fantastic, I thought, can’t wait to get me some of that.

It cost me £5:75, which ain’t cheap, but still I was willing to give it a go. Unfortunately what I got in return for my money was disappointing to say the least. Basically I had paid nearly six quid for a microwave ready meal. That’s right, you heard what I said, a ready meal. I was handed a plate with a cardboard tray on it, in which sat one of the saddest excuses for a meal I’ve ever seen. I was, to be blunt, astounded.

Now I’ll look the other way when cafes use microwaves to heat up something they’ve cooked previously, or when they do the beans for a full English, but a ready meal!! Who has the gall to sell microwave meals to the public, and charge them £5:75 for the privilege? When did that become acceptable? Did I miss a meeting?

I’m sorry, but if you’re going to sell something like cottage pie you should damn well make it yourself. To be selling ready meals is inexcusable. You can’t call yourself a cafe if you’re going to do something like that. Hell, I know canteens that would be embarrassed to try and pull off such a thing. As for my meal, I didn’t even entertain of trying it (I felt ill just looking at it). I got my money back and went and got some chips.

I really hope they’re smart enough to take this item (and any others of a similar ilk) off the menu, and stick to the decent food like which I’ve had there before. It would be a shame for them to get a bad reputation for continuing to serve such items to the general public, and trying to pass it off as food.

NB: If anyone does want to try a good Cottage Pie recipe, there’s one on my recipe page above, as well as a Shepherd’s Pie recipe that’s not to be sniffed at either. 🙂


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