The Longest Day

Nope, not a recommendation of a movie to watch (though if you’re in the mood for an epic war film there’s worse out there), today is the summer solstice in the UK, when the sun barely sets and all the druids come out to play.

solstice skies

It marks the start of the summer, hopefully the last one I will spend in darkness. Ok, that’s maybe a bit over-dramatic, but my job does require me to sit at a desk in a room with no windows for 12 hours a day; and I just made a promise to myself that this time next year I won’t be doing that anymore.

Not sure what I will be doing. I’d love to get published as an author. That’d be the perfect job for me. Or even get a film produced. Anything to do with writing really.

Or I could teach yoga, that’d work. Got a year to practice and get good, then I just need to do the teacher training course and I’m away.

Whatever it is it won’t be the same old thing somewhere else. I want more freedom, more creativity, more joy, and more peace in what I do. The money doesn’t matter anymore, only the return on my investment.


Want to hear corny? It was birdsong made me realise enough was enough. I heard it the other night and I knew that’s what I needed more of in my life. So I’m on the search for freedom and birdsong and company and joy, wherever they may be. And I’ve got a year to do it in. Wish me luck.


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