An Odd Week

Hello you lot. How’s it going?

Um… right. Where to begin…

Been a strange week this week. Monday I went to work on a ‘spare’ shift and literally got paid to sit in a building and read a book for 12 hours (ok, 10.5 hours, we left early). How stupid is that? It really brought home to me the utter ridiculousness of working for a living. What a complete waste of time.

Got home Monday night to find my fridge had broken. There was a pool of dampness on the kitchen floor. The compressor’s gone I think. Been busy eating all the frozen stuff but it’s starting to get smelly in there so just gonna have to chuck what’s left out. Waste not want not and all that, but still it’s better than getting ill (or fat).

There was also a message Monday night on my answerphone from a very frail sounding old lady who had been trying to get hold of someone but who evidently had been dialing the wrong number (several times). It was the most heartbreaking thing you ever heard. She sounded frustrated and confused, and then the croaked “love you” on the end of it… I took down the number and called her Tuesday to let her know her mistake. The conversation was a strange one. She must be very deaf because she kept saying “Hello!” loudly, over and over, until I was almost shouting down the phone. I eventually explained what had happened, she replied “Must have been a wrong number”, and promptly hung up on me. Not how I expected it to go at all, but at least she knows now.

Today someone turned up to clean the hall carpets. I assumed the landlord had arranged it, gave them some water, and let them get on with it. They did it, left, left the carpet damp and smelling of cleaner, and when the landlord finally called me back turns out he knew nothing about it. Either it was a mistake or it’s a scam. I’m currently waiting for the other shoe to drop. I already called the police.

Did some karma yoga at the centre tonight after class. Figured I had some things to work out with the Universe. Not only did I sweep the halls but I also cleaned the toilets (I had a lot to work out). It was only as I finished that someone told me they’d already been done. The Universe having a wee chuckle at my expense. Ah well. Hopefully that bought me some extra time, or something (time for what though?).

Like I said, it’s been an odd week so far, let’s just hope it doesn’t get any odder. Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll get my fridge fixed in time to go for a bike ride in the lovely warm weather.

Then maybe Thursday, maybe Friday, (maybe both), I can finish writing part one of my noir novel, Get Away Clean. I had finished it already but became dissatisfied with the last chapter. It skipped over way too much story. So I’ve inserted two more chapters, written one of them; I just need to write the other, re-write the last chapter, and it’s done. Then it’s on to parts 2 & 3!

And I need to meditate. It’s the only thing I didn’t manage to get done off my to-do list today. And when your list only has four things on it, that’s pretty rubbish, innit?

Doing a night shift Friday night. Not looking forward to it. Means I’ll sleep through most of Saturday probably (missing an open day of yoga at the centre I would have liked to have gone to). Then Sunday it’ll be housework ready for a long week of early shifts starting Monday. Just more reasons to quit my job and start doing something I love, as if I needed them.

Om, my friends. Peace be with you. x


3 thoughts on “An Odd Week

  1. you sir, need a hug. my week has been quite odd as well. There was a giant dust storm after 4th of July that covered everything with an inch or so of dust and I can’t seem to escape it. Dust in my eyes, ears and mouth…ick! I indulged in one too many margaritas but had a strange moment of clarity and discovered I really dislike someone I have called a friend for over four years. I am taking a mini vacation tomorrow with some good lady friends to southern AZ where I hope to find cooler weather, a dust free swimming pool and real friends who aren’t terribly unhappy people. Also there will be wine. (:

    • sounds like you need one of those bedoin head scarf thingys, to keep the dust off. and a camel, lol. man, how cool would that be! :O)

      it’s a great day when we learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. only keeping true friends around us certainly thins out the crowd, but it improves the quality no end.

      have a fun vacay. enjoy the pool, and the wine. 🙂

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