Mentally Slap Yourself!

Sometimes you just have to mentally slap yourself for one reason or another.

I did it today during a lengthy chat with a friend of mine that lapsed briefly into the-one-that-got-away territory.

Oh how I wish there was only one… but, that’s by the by. There was a specific one that came to mind that, oh… she was stunning. I mean really gorgeous, and sweet, and just… mm-mmh!

And I blew it; or missed it; or whatever the hell you want to call it. And in remembering just what a fool I’d been I had to give myself a mental slap; for her, and for all the others.

When I give myself a mental slap this is how I imagine it.

But its good. A sudden reminder of past failures can inspire us not to fail again. Lets hope so anyway. And remember, it’s just a mental slap. Don’t turn it into a full blown kicking!


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