In The Land of Kiki

Hello My Loves.

Well, what’s fresh in the land of Kiki? Let’s see…

First up, as I sit here writing this I’m listening (again) to the Mix Master Mike Show on XFM. Proper old skool DJing from he of the Beastie Boys fame. If you haven’t go check it out via their Listen Again service (top of the page linked), you will not be disappointed! YEAH BOYYYYYY!!!

Second, since deciding to stay where I am until I go away to do the teacher training course in August I’ve done some serious spring cleaning, which is good for the brain as well as the digs. I’ve chucked out a lot of junk and I’ve got a pile of stuff to go into storage for six months (once I get paid that is). If you’re gonna be stuck may as well be comfy, right?

Third, I finished part two of my book the other night (re-writes not withstanding). 116 pages in total so far, and with a third left to go I should top 180 I reckon. Not a massive tome by any standards but, given the pace and conciseness of the writing, a bit longer than I was expecting, lol.

infinity road

And finally, I haven’t done much exercise recently, which isn’t much use when it comes to ridding myself of the belly I’ve got going on (je suis un petit cochon dodu). But I’ve had a good excuse in that I’ve done my shoulder in somehow, so I’ve been resting to let it heal. I’m not too bothered. I have this plan for a new 30 day challenge starting next week which should make up for lost time somewhat. Stay tuned for further developments.


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