30 Days of Meditation: day 1

And so it begins…

Wasn’t easy getting up this morning at 7:30am, especially considering I didn’t really have to. But, start as you mean to go on, so I dragged myself out of bed (at about 7:40), jumped in the shower, and sat down to meditate at 8am as planned.

It did not go well. For one thing my posture was bad after two weeks of sitting at a desk doing computer work and not exercising, so I was slouped (slouched/slumped) a lot of the time.

Plus, I forgot to turn off my refrigerator, so I had it’s gurgling noise to deal with for a good 10 minutes or so.

But worst of all was the way I sat there writing this blog entry in my head (which went nothing like this), making mental notes of points I wanted to make, (even this one). All told I can’t say I got a lot of meditation done. But it is only the first day.

What was more surprising for me is that I did the Yoga @ Home CD. I was so going to give myself a pass on that as I fully intended to go to a yoga class that night, so why bother, but I’m glad I didn’t.

I wasn’t a lot better at the yoga than I was at the meditation, I haven’t done much exercising recently because of a bad shoulder, but I felt so much better after it than I did before. It really loosened me up and set me up for the day ahead.

I left the house feeling, well, ‘frisky’ is the only word for it. I don’t know if it was the meditation, the yoga, or a combination of the two, but I was so much more up for engaging with people (and hence the world) than I normally would be.

I chatted with people in the shops, I had a good long chat with my hairdresser, I even stopped some bloke in his car to tell him he was driving with his petrol cap open. I just felt so much more positive than I normally do.

Will be interesting to see how tomorrow pans out. Off to bed now. Up in 7 hours.


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