30 Days of Meditation: day 4

I thought I’d try a new leg position today. I do a half lotus, with my left leg on the floor and my right foot up on the calf. But yesterday that caused my right leg to go numb (and my left foot a bit too) resulting in some pretty nasty pins and needles when I uncrossed them.

Today I went for right leg down, left leg up, to see if that made any difference. It did, in that I had the same result but the opposite way round; left leg numb, right foot pins and needles.

It actually got pretty bad, and I was about to stop before my time was up – something I try never ever to do – when the alarm went off. It was close, but at least now I know it’s not the legs that are the problem.

I think it’s the cushion. It’s too firm, and I’m sitting a little too far back, so it’s pressing into the top of my thighs and cutting off the circulation.

I don’t think different leg positions will change anything, though I might try on the full lotus see how that fits, I just need a better cushion. Or I need to fluff up the one I’ve got then not use it for sitting on (like I am now).

Anyway, the experiments continue. I’m still noticing a marked difference in how I am each day with the meditation/exercise combo each morning. I like how this is going.

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