30 Days of Meditation: day 6

It’s hard to meditate when you’re waiting for builders to show up. Every noise by the front door draws your attention, and you keep wondering what time it is and when they’re going to arrive.

I’m aware today that I haven’t been practicing much mindfulness in my meditation. I do remember to draw my attention back to my breathing, but my mind goes off on one for very long periods of time in between. I can do better than this.

I think today, since I’m stuck at home because the builders are here (if they ever show up) that I’ll re-read Mindfulness In Plain English again. It’s such a good book and it really set me on the right path before when it came to starting meditating. If only I could have kept up a disciplined practice then who knows where I’d be now. Not that that matters really. This is my starting point, right now, and everything that has gone before just is.

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