30 Days of Meditation: day 9

After last night’s late session I decided to get up extra early today, before the builders arrive, to do my meditation. This proved to be more optimistic than reality would allow.

I didn’t sleep well last night, something that often happens when I have an early start to deal with. My alarm went off at 7am. I could barely open my eyes, it was cold, and I had a bit of a headache. Not one to punish myself unnecessarily (is it ever necessary?) I reset my alarm for half an hour later and had a well deserved snooze.

I was starving too, so not only have I not meditated yet (it’s 9:25am as I write this) I also haven’t done any exercise. Opted for a cup of tea and a sausage butty instead. But that’s ok. I’m going to do both when the builders have gone. Right now I’m gonna have a well deserved nap.


Well, after chilling out for a bit I started tidying up, which turned into a full blown deep clean of the flat. I’m still not finished. Will have to complete it tomorrow. It meant that I put off doing my meditation until I barely had enough time to squeeze it in before going to Tai Chi.

Turns out squeezing it in is as bad as doing it last thing when you’re sleepy. You’re distracted, but in a what-time-is-it-I-have-to-go kind of way. I didn’t manage to concentrate very well, and my posture was bad as my back was sore from all the bending/cleaning/hoovering.

So, a regular practice, first thing, no distractions, time to do it in, is what’s required. Seems obvious really doesn’t it. In fact, to the seasoned meditator these are probably all rather obvious. What can I say? For me it’s just day 9. 🙂


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