30 Days of Meditation: day 17

You’ll have to forgive me, I’m doing a wee bit of catch up here. It’s hard to squeeze everything in at the moment. Such are the joys of doing night shifts.

In fact, with all the building work and that that’s going on I kind of forgot to meditate today. That is, I remembered I’d forgotten whilst on my way to work. But, since everything that happens is an opportunity in disguise, I decided to give sitting meditation a try (there’s no way I’m going cross legged on the floor at work – it’s not the cleanest).

You need a chair of decent enough height, one where when you sit on it your thighs are about level with the floor. Swivel chairs aren’t the best as you want a solid base but since that’s all I had access to so must it be.

You want to sit on the edge of the chair, not leaning against the back, with your body upright and your weight centred upon your sit bones. I had my legs opening out slightly with my feet flat on the floor at a distance so that my thighs were level. The important thing is to be in a comfortable position that you can maintain for a long time.

Since I couldn’t cup my hands in front of me, there being nothing but space for me to rest them on, I instead put them on my knees (or rather, just behind my knees – far enough back so that my shoulder were relaxed) palm up with my hands in chin mudra, thumb and fore finger touching.

The main benefit for this type of sitting posture is it doesn’t hurt your legs like sitting cross legged does. There’s no constriction to block the blood flow. I have to say I found that a definite plus.

The downside of doing this type of meditation at work is all the distractions. Never mind all the noise that goes with a large, open plan office (I could have gone “round the corner” but the rooms there are small, oppressive, and full of buzzing electronic equipment – bad chi), I was meditating during my lunch break, and once the idea that I hadn’t set my timer correctly and that I’d forget to go back had set in there was no shifting it.

And rushing back to work isn’t the best either. You need space after you meditate for the mind to settle I reckon, for all the good work you’ve done to really take root. After all, they say meditation begins when you get up off your mat. The sitting is just a way of practicing something you should be doing in real life. I mean that is the goal, to cultivate a state of mind that you can take through your every day.

But anyway, I did it. I learnt from the experience, and I still haven’t missed a day. A win all round I reckon.

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