30 Days of Meditation: day 22

It doesn’t matter what you do to get rid of unnecessary distractions, more always seem to come up.

You can turn off the fridge, not turn on the washing machine, close all the doors to provide some sound proofing, but just when you’re getting into it that’s when your upstairs neighbour decides to run a bath. Waddaya gonna do?

Anyway, I got my session done and out of the way early today, so no faffing about at 1am this time. My legs are getting a little better for now, though Lord knows why. They’re still numb and tingling when I finish, just not as numb and tingling as they were before. Maybe they’re getting used to sitting.

Just eight more days to go and then I’m on my course. It feels like time has flown, and yet at the same time I’ve been very aware of the passing of the days. That seems to be what I’m getting from this meditation at the moment, a heightened awareness. I feel like I’m engaging more with the world, instead of wandering round in a daze which I often used to do. More manual flight and less autopilot, if you know what I mean. I like it.


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