30 Days of Meditation: day 28

I should have done some yoga before sitting today.

I haven’t done any exercise for a few days as my shoulder has been hurting like hell – it gets so bad sometimes I can’t even raise my arm above my head – and I didn’t want to aggravate it, but the upshot of that is everything has tightened up.

And not just the shoulders but my back, legs, across the chest, all of it is aching and complaining in some way. But what caused my problems today were my glutes (ie: the base of my bum and down the back of my thighs). They were not happy as I sat down, and they made sitting upright very difficult indeed.

The more you can level your pelvis the more happy you will be sitting. At least that is how it appears to me. If your pelvis is tipped back (as mind often is) you end up with a hunched back using your back muscles to hold you up, rather than stacking the bones of your spine like a column of pennies (as instructed). You’re holding yourself up instead of balancing.

So I sat, but my mind was more on my posture than my breath, so I didn’t do much meditating today. But I did manage to do some yoga after for the first time in ages, which is great news as it means I should be ok for the course on Friday. I would have been really bummed out if I was unable to practice during that. What a wasted opportunity that would (have) be(en).

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