A Home Made Christmas

I have a tiny flat. No room for anything superfluous, including Christmas decorations. I like them, but after using them for a month where would I put them? And I don’t want to buy them and throw them away each year. That’d be expensive, and wasteful.

So this year I decided to make my own tree! After wrapping all my presents I had lots of wrapping paper left over, so I got out the scissors and the blu-tack and did a bit of ‘cut and stick’.

merry christmas

Nothing more Christmassy than hanging decorations and watching Lord of the Rings, don’t you think? 😉

kiki's christmas tree

I topped it with a cupcake bauble my friend gave me. It’s very cute. Maybe one day I’ll have a proper tree to put it on.

Nice huh? Quite pleased with how it came out. Now all I need is some presents to put under it.



2 thoughts on “A Home Made Christmas

  1. I think I’ve seen yours on Flickr before. Very nice. 🙂 And like you say, saves on a tree.

    One day I’ll have one in my garden, then we can use it each year and not have to buy one all the time.

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