I turned 38 yesterday. That’s awfully close to 40 y’know. Makes you think, huh?

Didn’t do much on the day. Went to the osteopath to sort my ankle out (got to try out my new sat nav), had to go to the launderette – boo! :(, and went to see the film Chronicle at the cinema (which was about as enjoyable as going to the launderette). Seriously, don’t do it!

Instead, let’s look at what I ate.

kiki's birthday breakfast

Treated (can you say ‘tret’?) myself to a birthday fry up as I haven’t had one in ages. It was most satisfying.

kiki's birthday pie

Then after the movie had some pear and apple pie and cream. Not brilliant but still, not diabolical either.

As for everything else, here’s the tally.

3 presents – a CD, a book, and said Sat Nav (which I bought myself with a parental contribution)

7 cards

2 phone calls

2 e-mails

4 texts

6 well wishers online

A reasonable haul for an average birthday I reckon (there’s nothing special about turning 38, except I’m now very firmly in my late thirties!). Next year I hope to go see the northern lights on the day, then the year after it’s the big one! I might do what I did for my 30th, rent out a cinema and have a screening of something. Last time I played Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This time I dunno… Dude, Where’s My Car? maybe. You’ve got to love the classics, don’t ya! πŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “38!

  1. A very nice sounding day (apart from launderette)

    What cd and book?

    I think 38 is a great age and don’t forget men only get more distinguished as they grow older!!

    • To be ‘more distinguished’ I’d first have to be distinguished, lol. ;o)

      The CD was the Drive soundtrack, if you haven’t seen the movie do try it (but be warned, it’s quite violent). And the book was Rough Guide’s First Time Around the World, to help inspire me for my upcoming shenanigans.

      • ..haha.. brilliant. thanks for the link.

        my mate had an idea for a sequel to Ferris Bueller. it’s be set now. the gang, who were all boring and middle class by now, would get together to try to relive the wildness of their youth. but everything would just go slightly wrong, in many cringeworthy and embarrassing ways, and eventually they’d just have to give up and come to terms with their sad middle age.

        it would be a heart-breaking spectacle that everyone would go and see and no one would forgive you for making, and it was to be called “Ferris Bueller’s Long Lunch”

        personally, I think it’s brilliant! πŸ™‚

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