I’m Gonna Be A Star!!!

Ok, I’m not really. Not today anyway, and definitely not with this, lol.

Last night I listened to this audio file from this dude named Pogo who does these awesome remixes of Disney movies and stuff like that. Check his stuff out, I think you’ll like some of it.

Anyway, it made me wanna share this, the one and only tune I ever made. It’s just something I knocked together in Garage Band (a Mac prog full of free samples you can monkey around with). It’s pretty basic, and a bit unfinished, but I likes it, so what the hell eh? 🙂


And if you want to see something Monsieur Pogo has done check out this cute wee video/remix.

Eleven (SaraSinger42 Remix) from Nick Bertke on Vimeo.

How fun is that? 😉

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