I like words.

I like their shapes, their sounds and their use to convey meaning and concepts (I know that’s their purpose but still, well done them!).

And it’s not just the big words I like, like lackadaisical or discombobulated, but the funny little ones too, like svelte, lithe, and my favourite of all time (for now) louche.

I realised how much I liked words when I did my life coaching session recently. I mean I already knew I liked them, but even I could hear the enthusiasm in my voice as I was telling my friend about the book I was writing and the few little gems of text that had come out of it.

These are what I gave as examples of “…a sentence that glows.”

NB: It’s a fantasy novel, written in a noir style, so don’t be surprised if it just sounds silly out of context. And the text below is more or less unedited, so there’s likely to be a grammatical error here and there (at least that’s what Word tells me anyway).

This first paragraph occurs at the end of a robbery, where the robbers offer their inside man a full share and a chance to come with them rather than stay and carry on as normal.

Scrud considered his options. What was there to stay for? Hard work and the odd beating now and then. Not much of a choice really. There was Lita of course. She was the only person who’d ever shown him any kindness, and he had a real soft spot for her. He’d even thought about marrying her one day. And now he had the money to do it right. He could buy their freedom, set them up in a small holding, buy a cow, plant some crops, see if they could make a go of it. It might work. But then again, with a huge pile of cash, soppy housemaids were ten-a-penny.

And this one, my favourite so far, is how a character sums up his current situation, on the verge of a new career after his last one was cut short when he was caught in flagrante with the Shah’s fourth wife.

Well well, he mused silently, perhaps the hand of fate had been between Zarina’s thighs after all.

They just make me smile, not just because they’re good, but because I did them and yet they came out of nowhere. That to me is when you know you’re really onto something; not when you impress other people, but when you impress even yourself, lol.

And likewise bad writing sends a shiver down my spine. Check out this post from slushpilehell, a tumblr blog done by a weary literary agent (and looking at some of the stuff they get sent, who can blame them for being weary!).


Hello, I am A Christian woman that recently has been lead by the Lord to write books for little childrens and teensagers. I beleive these are blessings from above and I am convinced the Lord will will lead me to the write agent/pupblisher/illustrator.

I’m no theologian, but I wonder if the Lord should first lead you to a dictionary.

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard. And if they are, they should at least learn how to spell check. I mean, everyone make nistakes ;), but c’mon!


You’ve got to celebrate your achievements, whatever they may be. Big, small, it doesn’t matter. Enjoy what you do and you’ll always be happy.

I did my first scorpion today. For those that don’t know, it looks a little something like this.

Of course my scorpion was far less impressive and a damn site shakier than the one pictured above, and I needed a little help in getting there, but I did it, I held it, and I’m pretty damn pleased with myself (not to mention a little surprised, lol).

Of course my little achievement is nowhere near as impressive as these guys,

but so what? I did it, I’m happy, and that’s all I care about. 🙂

PS: How ridiculous is that shot?!?

A Lot Can Happen In 7 Days

Ok, let’s see what’s been happening this week?

Well, I was on retreat last weekend. My annual Tai Chi weekend at Braziers Park. All went by fairly quickly and quietly (for me, anyway), and I’m happy to say they made a real effort with the food this year.

vegan only!

When I got back I put my car in for repair. Took them 3 days (I had to get the train in to work Friday which sucked ass) and cost me £400, but they did a good job and I was quite pleased. I say was coz the rear bumper is scratched again already! What the hell, man? 😦

Also had some life coaching this week. It was… interesting. Not gonna go into too much detail on that as it was for my benefit only, and if I’m honest I wouldn’t know how to define it anyway. Suffice it to say it gave me a few things to think about, and it was as helpful in ruling out what I don’t want to do as it was in helping me decide what I do.

Thursday, one of my pics got ‘explored’ on Flickr.

'fromance *explored*

It garnered me loads of views, 18 favourites, and even a few new followers. Pretty satisying considering the day before I took it my views, comments, and favourites for that day were a big fat zero! And I only went out with my camera because I was bored and had been stuck in the house all day. Just goes to show, eh?

Other than all that I’ve just been online, monkeying around. Came across some choice stuff on Found Magazine including this dude, the A1 prom magnet of all time!

Prom Magnet

And I’ve been listening to what I affectionately refer to as ‘hillbilly radio’ from WMMT 88.7 in the Appalachian Mountains in America. It gives me a chuckle to hear traffic reports from some small town I’ve never heard of. It’s a whole other world. And my favourite quote so far?

“When you’re fat your chances ain’t too good. But when you’re fat and ugly you’re in trouble.”

Now ain’t that the truth! ..lol.. 😉

No developments on the big trip front yet. Hope to make some inroads this week. Going to have to call Canada, as they obviously aren’t going to respond to my e-mail. Then once I get paid I can start booking flights.

Also, hand my notice in at work in a week’s time. Can’t wait to do that. I’ve had it up to here (holds hand way above his head) with watching TV for a living!

Wot I Done Today

Been doing so much recently I kind of gave myself the day off today. If I tell you it’s gone noon and I’m still in my dressing gown you kind of get the drift.

With that in mind, here’s wot I done today (so far).

First up (but in no particular order) I’ve been amusing myself with some videos from The Slow Mo Guys.

Ah, to be young and have access to a very expensive camera.

Then I spent yonks on the random web comic I came across called xkcd.com.

Which made me want to go check out my own Tumblr project, see how it was going?

I’ve also been using the random number generator at Random.org to help me make decisions this morning (though mostly that’s been limited to what to have for breakfast).

And I’ve been enjoying random happenings elsewhere, like this gem from 4oD.

Jamie Does...

And I think that about covers it (except for an honourbale mention of the fact that I deleted all my Nitin Sawhney tunes today, as I realised that I’m just not that into him as I thought I was). A morning well wasted I think you’ll agree.

There have of course been many e-mails, a downloaded tune or two (see below), games played, and stuff purchased on Amazon, but they’re everyday kinds of things, whereas everything above is specific to today only.

(recognise it from my previous post?)

I wonder what joys this afternoon will bring? Let’s see shall we…

Happy Damn Thursday Everyone! 🙂