Wot I Done Today

Been doing so much recently I kind of gave myself the day off today. If I tell you it’s gone noon and I’m still in my dressing gown you kind of get the drift.

With that in mind, here’s wot I done today (so far).

First up (but in no particular order) I’ve been amusing myself with some videos from The Slow Mo Guys.

Ah, to be young and have access to a very expensive camera.

Then I spent yonks on the random web comic I came across called xkcd.com.

Which made me want to go check out my own Tumblr project, see how it was going?

I’ve also been using the random number generator at Random.org to help me make decisions this morning (though mostly that’s been limited to what to have for breakfast).

And I’ve been enjoying random happenings elsewhere, like this gem from 4oD.

Jamie Does...

And I think that about covers it (except for an honourbale mention of the fact that I deleted all my Nitin Sawhney tunes today, as I realised that I’m just not that into him as I thought I was). A morning well wasted I think you’ll agree.

There have of course been many e-mails, a downloaded tune or two (see below), games played, and stuff purchased on Amazon, but they’re everyday kinds of things, whereas everything above is specific to today only.

(recognise it from my previous post?)

I wonder what joys this afternoon will bring? Let’s see shall we…

Happy Damn Thursday Everyone! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Wot I Done Today

  1. Your blog is addictive in a very evil sort of way. Take this post for example: you’ve managed not only to spend a morning of your own procrastinating, but you’ve basically obliged me to do exactly the same. Grrr! 🙂

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