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…another snatched moment with someone else’s laptop.

First up, anyone out there got an iPad? I have questions and need to speak to someone who’s used one before I buy. Mail me and we’ll talk.

Baking hot here today, which is good because yesterday was freezing! It’s a country of weather extremes Austria, so it seems. But according to those that live here it’s good, coz if the weather is bad you know it’ll get better fairly quickly. 🙂 I dunno, I’m just enjoying having the day off.

Our final week starts tomorrow (and then it’s our exam, eek!) and I’ve alreayd spoken to them about staying on here another 8 weeks. I think it’s all sorted. Looking forward to getting down to my own personal practise. The course is great and everything, but I could do without the homework. Not my strong point. Mine has gone from reasonably prosaic…

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the Yoga Bum

It’s frustrating having to borrow a computer. I’ve got 15 mins to detail everything I’ve done in the past 10 days, and where to begin?

I taught my first lesson. It was just a short one, with 6 other TTCs as my students (in the hallway of the hotel as there wasn’t room anywhere else) but all things considered it went really well. Got lots of good, positive and constructive feedback, and I managed to remember nearly everything, which is a bit of a miracle.

We did the kriyas – yogic cleansing exercises today. You start off pouring salt water in one nostril and out the other, and end up vomiting great globs of water and swallowing lengths of cloths only to pull them back out your throat again. I have to admit, though I thried the nose based stuff, I drew the line at anything that got down to…

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the Yoga Bum

We were sat in Satsang, and Swami Durgananda had just started talking about Vedanta – the yoga philosophy that says we are all one, and that our seperation from God/The Universe/Reality, is just an illusion – when someone suddenly jumped up, arms in the air, shouting;

“Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Blimey, I thought, has someone been struck by sudden enlightnement? Do we have self realisation at the mere mention of Vedanta? Is it that powerful?

Alas no. In fact it was a spider (very big and very quick, let me assure you) scurrying across the floor that had freaked her out. After some kind person interviened we were able to continue with the Satsang.

“Of course there’s really nothing to be afraid of,” said Swamiji, “You and the spider are one! It is just the illusion of separation that creates our fear.”

Everyone laughed, and whilst the girl…

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the Yoga Bum

I’ve managed to borrow someone’s laptop, so I can upload a few photos for you to check out.

First up, here’s where I’m staying.

roughing it

I love the architecture in Austria, though it is hard for me not to keep humming the theme tune to Heidi as I wander about the place.

It’s a nice hotel, but I am sharing a room with 8 other guys, all of us together on mattresses on the floor. It gets a little ripe, especially in the entranceway where 20 pairs of boots and shoes provide quite an interesting olfactory experience.

It is gorgeous here though, especially when the sun is out. I mean check this out for a view.

how's that for a view?

How’d you like to wake up to that in the morning? Them’s The Alps y’know. In fact, where we are, we’re high enough up to be pretty much in the clouds (when it’s cloudy).


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