the Yoga Bum

I’ve managed to borrow someone’s laptop, so I can upload a few photos for you to check out.

First up, here’s where I’m staying.

roughing it

I love the architecture in Austria, though it is hard for me not to keep humming the theme tune to Heidi as I wander about the place.

It’s a nice hotel, but I am sharing a room with 8 other guys, all of us together on mattresses on the floor. It gets a little ripe, especially in the entranceway where 20 pairs of boots and shoes provide quite an interesting olfactory experience.

It is gorgeous here though, especially when the sun is out. I mean check this out for a view.

how's that for a view?

How’d you like to wake up to that in the morning? Them’s The Alps y’know. In fact, where we are, we’re high enough up to be pretty much in the clouds (when it’s cloudy).


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