the Yoga Bum

We were sat in Satsang, and Swami Durgananda had just started talking about Vedanta – the yoga philosophy that says we are all one, and that our seperation from God/The Universe/Reality, is just an illusion – when someone suddenly jumped up, arms in the air, shouting;

“Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Blimey, I thought, has someone been struck by sudden enlightnement? Do we have self realisation at the mere mention of Vedanta? Is it that powerful?

Alas no. In fact it was a spider (very big and very quick, let me assure you) scurrying across the floor that had freaked her out. After some kind person interviened we were able to continue with the Satsang.

“Of course there’s really nothing to be afraid of,” said Swamiji, “You and the spider are one! It is just the illusion of separation that creates our fear.”

Everyone laughed, and whilst the girl…

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