the Yoga Bum

…another snatched moment with someone else’s laptop.

First up, anyone out there got an iPad? I have questions and need to speak to someone who’s used one before I buy. Mail me and we’ll talk.

Baking hot here today, which is good because yesterday was freezing! It’s a country of weather extremes Austria, so it seems. But according to those that live here it’s good, coz if the weather is bad you know it’ll get better fairly quickly. 🙂 I dunno, I’m just enjoying having the day off.

Our final week starts tomorrow (and then it’s our exam, eek!) and I’ve alreayd spoken to them about staying on here another 8 weeks. I think it’s all sorted. Looking forward to getting down to my own personal practise. The course is great and everything, but I could do without the homework. Not my strong point. Mine has gone from reasonably prosaic…

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