the Yoga Bum

My God, where to start?

Last time I blogged anything significant was over a month ago, so that’s a lot to catch up on. Thankfully, the last 4 weeks of my karma yoga went pretty much the same as the first 4 weeks – lots of getting up early, working all day, cooking food, and waiting for the time I could head off traveling – with the exception of the final week where things got a bit crazy.

The hotel by the ashram closed for renovations, so all the yoga guests were staying with the ashram for a while. I suddenly went from cooking for 14-18 people to cooking for 40-45 people in one fell swoop. And cooking for that many people makes a big difference let me tell you. Changes in recipes, cooking time, prep time, all has to be taken into consideration. I’ll be honest, I was glad…

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