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Someone asked me the other day if I’d ever found a city I could settle down in? Well, after visiting San Francisco I’d have to say, maybe yes; but, with two qualifications.

First off San Francisco is gorgeous. Built round the bay it has views all over the place. A city needs views. Apart from Primrose Hill, and a few streets in Crystal Palace, London is woefully short on viewpoints. SF has them by the bucket load.

twin peaks 1

Met up with my mate Mark who’s settled out here and we drove around a bit checking out some of the sights. He took me up Twin Peaks, where you get the best overall views of the city, and we also went across the Golden Gate Bridge to see it at sunset from one of the best viewing spots you can get.

twin peaks 2
sunset from twin peaks (lens flare)
crossing the golden gate
the golden gate at sunset
koo and keith at the golden gate

Yes indeed, SF looks good from a distance, but it also…

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